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Home Inspection

A comprehensive home inspection provides peace of mind by uncovering potential issues and ensuring the safety and integrity of your future home.

New Construction Inspection

A new construction inspection ensures your newly built property meets the highest standards of quality, so you can have peace of mind.

Commercial Inspection

We offer a detailed assessment of your commercial property, providing you information about its condition, safety, and compliance with industry standards.

Wind Mitigation Inspection

A wind mitigation inspection assesses the resilience of your property against severe weather, identifying possible improvements and reduced insurance costs.

4-Point Inspection

A 4-point inspection assesses the roof, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems, for insurance purposes and ensuring the overall safety and functionality of your home.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor air quality testing analyzes the air in your property, identifying potential pollutants and allergens that may be present.

Pool & Spa Inspection

The visual pool and spa inspection includes looking over pool equipment, electrical supply (including pool lighting) and any safety issues immediately surrounding the
pool and pool deck. The mechanical pool and spa inspection monitors most important equipment as it runs.

WDO Inspection

AllSpec termite inspectors receive special training to assist in the wood-destroying organism inspection process. AllSpec termite experts, identify clear warning signs of possible damage to your home or business, taking time to determine whether or not your property may require additional treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you service?

What's included?

Our home inspections include over 400 items in the home from the exterior, roof, attic, all mechanical systems, and a room by room review. Please review of sample inspection report.

For our commercial customers, our inspections are tailored to your specific needs.

When do I get my report?

What is your experience?

How do I schedule an inspection?

What other services do you offer?

The staff members are fantastic about scheduling appointments. The inspectors are prompt, and thorough. Inspectors also provide great verbal and written feedback to the buyers. I’ve also used them to do a pre listing inspection as requested by a homeowner. The inspection provided great feedback to that homeowner to ensure there were no surprises when under a sales contract.

Dianne Drinkwater

Many of my customers have worked with this home inspection company for 15+ years. They are thorough, responsive, professional and very knowledgeable. I must like that they take the time to answer any questions in detail that the customers may have. They are definitely five star rated...

Sharon Mills

Very thorough inspection, fortunately revealing very few issues. Inspectors were courteous, professional and knowledgeable. We were told how to address the problems, and also some hidden features of the home as well as how to use them and take care of them.

Menno Terriet

Highly recommend. The knowledgeable and friendly office staff helped us get set up for a thorough and informative inspection by Charles. We understood the issue identified and their severity, and Charles shared some practical ideas for minor concerns as well. He shared the report the following day which clearly outlines the findings as well.

Jessica Meyer

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